The frame and chassis shown is
available from “AUTO WELD”
in several variations.

Featured is the building of a ’57 Chevy
for “Pro-touring” purposes and some “Drag” strip usage. This is not a “step by step”, and although
the basic construction is done, there is a lot more work to do and is only meant as an “idea book”. So enjoy,

The following is typical of how we would build a car like this. Keep in mind that there may be variations from builder to builder!

Since weight was not a concern..we left the side panels intact to give it a more completed look when the trunk was finished off. Notice the hole for the big fuel cell.

A view of the completed floor work.
Since the body is going to be lifted up 3″ to 4″ to do detail work, then lowered back into place, the sheet metal work had to be well thought out.

Sometimes the trunk hinges can be retained. Shown fitting up against the typical 40″ wheel tubs.

Below …this is how the tunnel was tied into the OEM floor pan.

The firewall was recessed and smoothed out. The bellhousing area was also modified for better cooling around the bell.

As you can see… some rust repair had to be done to the floor to complete the firewall.

Shown below… along with the firewall is the
new “AUTO WELD” ’57 Chevy chassis with all
the suspension mounted.
Note..the roll cage braces coming through the
firewall have enough room under them so the body
can be lifted up. The holes will be closed later.

The roll cage was designed for “easy entry” but also to be Drag legal.

Since the stock dash was going to be retained…and the body was going to
be lifted up…custom a-pillar bars had to made.
Note…the forward braces had to be under the dash
because of the lifting.

Above….view of the “forward” frame
and body mounts. Notice that we are using
machined aluminum body washers instead of the
standard rubber type. This locks the body to
the frame and adds strength to the entire chassis. Always a good idea! Also
notice how the frame follows the same basic shape as the original.
Below…Outriggers shown welded into place. For extra strength, a rocker bar is a good addition.

Above…ready for the Big Block!
Below…Motor is in.

Shown above…
are custom motor mounts.
Notice that the clearances around the big block are very good.
Note..when mounting the motor, things to keep in mind are:
header, steering, oil pan, and balancer clearances!!

Above…HEI distributor has good
clearance behind it.
Below…the cylinder heads also have clearance.

Above ….a view of the trans
crossmember. Notice exhaust room
is designed in.
Below….when building our chassis, we
always consider the exhaust.
On our ’57 Chevy chassis, there is ample room
for BIG exhaust with using the “flat” type crossmember. In the picture below you can see that it doesn’t hang out of the bottom of
the car.

Shown…Floor pan layout. Exhaust has a nice run under the car!
Also shown…the “Wishbone” track locator
in place.

A look from underneath the back.
No uglies here!

On this setup we didn’t have to modify the outer quarter panel.


As you can see…The combination of a ’57 Chevy on an “AUTO WELD”
chassis makes for a “premo” ride!!!