Over the years we have made many different frame rail shapes and designs for ourselves and for customers. Below are three “frame rail spec sheets” as examples that you can use to help design the frame rail shape that is needed.

Other methods include sending us a Cad drawing, detailed sketch, or a cardboard template of the shape that is needed.

Note: Cad drawings are sometimes not reliable for fitting bends in a certain shape. We always have to correct the specs for a workable pattern. Cardboard templates are practical, simple and reliable.

Things to keep in mind when planning a frame rail design:

  • We use a 5 3/4″ inside radius on all of our frame rail bends.
  • You will need at least 6″ in between the bends.
  • If we are working with sharp angles that are too close together, the bends may have to be relaxed in the design in order to complete bends.