Featherweight Chassis



Available with 4-Link or Ladder Bar rear suspensions


Below: J. Simbeck many time winner and champ uses our “Featherweight” chassis in his racer.

CHEVY "S10" & FORD RANGER FEATHERWEIGHT CHASSIS Bumper to bumper mandrel bent 2x3x11ga full frame *FEATURES* Bumper to bumper mandrel bent 2x3x11ga full frame with all suspension mounts welded. Base price comes with all the suspension including: Tubular (heavy wall) A-arms, rack and pinion steering, Mustang II spindles,”Aldan” single adjustable coilovers all-around…std., adjustable coilover mounts all around including the front, Wilwood brakes on front, welded 9″ Ford rear housing, brace, fill and drain, Moser axles, BSR pkg, HD links, all rod ends, wishbone track locator, all bolts and hardware….STANDARD!! Installation of at least a 12pnt rollcage required!!


*”Competition” chassis comes with chromoly rod ends. *”Pro-Street” chassis comes with poly bushed rod ends.


Our “Featherweight” chassis can be made for most vehicles (cars and trucks)!


*STANDARD…Base price…$8550.00


Other options include:

*Wilwood rear brakes…start at $578.49

*3/4″ Anti-roll bar option….$375.00

*1″ Anti-roll bar option……$475.00

*Wheelie bars (K-Frame shown)

*Oval crossmember opt…$250.00

*Oval crossmember w/exhaust holes opt…$350.00


*Aldan coilover (double adjustable) upgrade…..$135.00


*QA1 (single adjustable) upgrade…..$20.00

*QA1 (double adjustable) upgrade…..$155.00


Note: double adjustable is only available in the rear with “ALDAN” coilovers.


Note: double adjustable is available in the rear and the front with “QA1” coilovers. double adjustable rear and front with ***

*CLICK HERE* for instructions how to install!! *** *CLICK HERE for welded rear frame clips*


**CHEVY “S10″** & **FORD “RANGER”**


**Both “Featherweight” & “Dream” chassis** in both mandrel bent 2×3 and 2×4 

*CLICK HERE for S10 rear clips*


*CHEVY “S10” & FORD “RANGER”* “FEATHERWEIGHT CHASSIS” Our AUTO WELD “Featherweight” chassis is the perfect solution when building a Drag or Pro-Street “S10″ or Ranger pickup. Available with either 4-link or ladder bar rear suspension. It has a 52” hub to hub width along with adjustable front coilover mounts. Width in rear is determined by tire size. The dropped crossmember is located to be inside the cab for the roll bar main hoop placement. Includes rear box crossmember mount. *** It features a 2x3x11ga mandrel bent frame completely welded from front to back. Also included are Tubular A-arms, rack & pinion steering, Mustang II spindles, “Wilwood” front 4-piston caliper brakes, “Aldan” single adjustable coilovers all around, 9″ Ford rear housing completely welded …braced and with fill and drain, 4-link with chromoly rod ends, wishbone track locator, “Moser” race axles w/BSR pkg, all bolts and hardware…standard!!!! Installation of at least a 12pnt roll cage required!!


COMPLETE ROLLER!! Comes with “Wilwood” disc brakes (not shown) for the front. S10 standard chassis….$8855.00

RANGER standard chassis….$8855.00


*Available for short bed, long bed, regular cab and extended cab.


*OTHER OPTIONS* *Extra HD 1 1/4″ chromoly 4-link tubes.

*QA1 coilover upgrades single….$20.00 double….$155.00

*Wheelie bars *Wilwood rear brakes start at $578.49

*Anti-roll bar 3/4″ anti-roll bar …$375

1″ anti-roll bar……$475



*CHEVY S10 Pickup* CHEVY  Chevy S10 Featherweight Chassi ****






(We are currently designing 2×4 rear clips and full “roller” 2×4 chassis very similar to our S10 “DREAM CHASSIS” for the popular “RANGER” pickups)!!! 



*ANGLIA Full Roller Chassis*

(shown below)


This Anglia chassis has a (47″ hub to hub) width front suspension. It includes Aldan coilovers, dropped spindles, narrowed rack and pinion steering, 9″ Ford housing with 3 1/4″ DOM axles tubes, 4-link, wishbone track locator, hardware, etc. The frame is full length using mandrel bent 2x3x11ga rails and bent with our “No Wrinkle” technology.


’49-’53 ANGLIA chassis Complete as shown….$8458.00

Moser axles, Wilwood brakes available for an additional cost.


                                                                  Anglia full roller chassis Complete Anglia chassis