Featherweight OEM Front Assemblies

* Can take up to or more than 400# off your car!
* Jig welded frame with proper geometry and aligment built in.
* No bumpsteer.
* OEM coil spring type.
* Standard unit has 56″ hub to hub measurement.
* Custom width upon order (must call to place special orders!)
* uses OEM Mustang II A-arms,
lower control arms, coil springs, etc.
(It uses our “new strut arm” shown below)
* Extra low stance.
* Extra oil pan clearance (oil pan removal w/out pulling engine.)
* Extra wide radiator clearance for full width OEM radiators.
part #6905..”Featherweight OEM Frame”..$1421.50
“FEATHERWEIGHT” FRONT STRUT ARMS–New forward design to eliminate the rearward originals on Mustang II front ends.
They bolt right on (after reaming out holes for a 1/2″ bolts) to our OEM featherweight front suspension clips. They can also
be used for custom and street rod applications for a smoother ride. Also, our
NEW!! bolt on construction eliminates the need to weld them to the bottom of the OEM control arm!!–


part #6920…..$169.95