Red 79 SW

Your kit ,works great, brought a 8 point cage, and the sub fame kit , weld in and remove the rest. My car ran 10.16 et, 60 ft 1.36 at 131.0 mph, small engine by today standards 454 .030 with a DH solid roller street cam, 14×32 x15 tires, 4.88 rear gears, car weight with driver 3450, with a 350 BTE trans, 5000 stall. I
greatly appreciate the seeing my car in your gallery. I still have the car, I just up graded engines, a Steve Schmidt 565. Will send u new pictures.  You can call me any time, I am retired now, I am 72 years old. thank u for such a good chassis, will be calling for more parts.


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