At AUTO WELD we make rollcages for any application, including trucks. Never did we ever think that one of our bars would ever save the lives of a daddy and his little girl. But it did.Driving down a road near Bloomsburg, Pa., a tree limb just happened to fall on their truck while driving by at 35 mph. The limb hit them in the windshield and the truck came to an instant stop. Daddy and daughter were unhurt! State Police said, "if it were not for the rollcage, they would have been killed", probably taking the roof off. This was no small branch, "shown in picture"! It is quite heavy and large. You can never tell what might happen on the street, let alone a race track.

Note to the wise..... Protect yourselves, install a rollcage in your special project,especially you front wheel drive guys who like to drive so fast.Because you may be protecting yourselves from seen and unseen events, including this one.